The Pharmaceutical industry develops, produces and markets drugs or pharmaceutical drugs for use as medications; the products are usually chemically synthesized with organic solvents. The medical industry basically cures human beings and animals, the products are usually equipment transferring organic and non organic fluids. The cosmetic industry develops, produces and markets substances to enhance or alter the appearance of the body and face. These products are generally mixtures of chemical compounds, some derived from natural sources and other synthetics.

High purity and sanitation are key focuses for these industries.

The unique properties of PTFE creates many benefits for the companies operating in these industries. Unlike Stainless Steel, PTFE doesn’t require passivation or Electro-Polishing. Unlike Glass, PTFE isn’t subject to cracking or crazing and rarely requires repair. Furthermore, unlike Silicon hoses, PTFE is chemically inert, non-reactive and permanently resistant to steam sterilisation (SIP) and in-place cleaning (CIP).

Validation of a new or modified process takes less time with PTFE hoses, because the system cleaning is faster due to PTFE surfaces being smooth and nonwetting; these surfaces resist biofilm and process material buildup, and there are no transitory chemical interactions with PTFE during operations or startup.