The manufacture and storage of chemicals requires the use of products that are compatible with a wide range of chemicals in various “states of matter”. The numerous pressure and temperature ranges, in addition to the mix of multiple chemicals, makes the use of PTFE hose assemblies the ideal “select one” solution for use in this industry.

The PTFE Hose liner is virtually inert to all chemicals and solvents. It is, for example, resistant to fuming Sulphuric and Nitric acids, Amines, Antioxidants and Methanol. It is known to react with only elemental Alkali metals, molten or in solution, such as Fluorine and Chlorine Trifluoride.

PTFE, with its wide operational temperature range of -60⁰C to +260⁰C, is ideally suited to the rigorous demands required in chemical manufacturing, storage and distribution. In addition, the compatibility of PTFE with a very wide range of chemicals and gases makes it the perfect “select one” hose that ensures safe operation and protection of the environment.

Features and benefits of PTFE
  • Ability to handle a wide temperature variance: -60⁰C to +260⁰C
  • Not affected by heat aging
  • Compatible with a very wide range of chemicals
  • Low permeability rates
  • Immune to Ozone or UV exposure
  • Low co-efficient of friction—better system efficiency due to lower pressure drops
  • Non flammable
  • Superior flex fatigue life
  • Low volumetric expansion