These industries have to meet demands for increased product purity, easier cleanability, improved durability, and low maintenance costs; at the same time, existing equipment should be used to produce a wider range of products to reduce costs.

With its unmatched combination of properties, PTFE is suitable for just about any pharmaceutical or biochem process. This polymer outperforms traditional materials by reducing maintenance, increasing uptime and throughput, and safeguarding product purity.

PTFE is chemically non-reactive; there are no byproducts of corrosion to contaminate the products manufactured; moreover, PTFE resists sorption of chemicals. This polymer is extremely pure because of its part-per-billion ion extraction levels. Equipment stays cleaner during operations and the system cleaning is easier and faster due to PTFE surfaces being smooth and nonwetting; these surfaces resist biofilm and process material buildup, and there are no transitory chemical interactions with PTFE during operations or startup.

PTFE is permanently resistant to steam sterilization (SIP) and in-place cleaning (CIP).