Fans and heat sinks can be used for applications where heat generation is limited, but for larger applications where heat generation is an issue, water-cooling is essential. Water cooling systems can remove heat approximately 30 times faster than air based systems and thus are vital for larger systems in the computer and semiconductor industry. PTFE hoses, when used in water cooling systems, allow flexible connections between different parts of the system whilst absorbing any vibrations caused by the flow of water in the system. PTFE has superior resistance to flex fatigue and has an extremely long service life. The uses of various additives in water cooling systems are easily accommodated by PTFE with no issues with incompatibility.

In addition, the unique characteristics of PTFE polymers allow a wider range of temperatures to be accommodated, making it an ideal choice for demanding cooling systems.

This is also valid for the larger cooling systems and heat exchangers in powerplants . PTFE polymers are the perfect solutions in, for instance, gas-to-gas or gas-to-liquid heatexchangers.