PTFE for hosing is by far the most widely specified material for food and beverage processing applications of all types, including but not limited to production of wine, beer, dairy, spirits, syrups and sauces, sausages, chocolates and prepared meats—PTFE is used for transfer and process equipment.

The following outstanding characteristics make PTFE hose assemblies so versatile. PTFE is chemically inert; the hose will not affect the product conveyed in any way, even over the full range of its operating temperature of -60⁰C to +260⁰C. It will not impart any colour, flavour or odour to food. PTFE will not absorb or remove ingredients, not even moisture. PTFE has an ultra-low coefficient of friction; this means that foods will not stick, will not build up residues, cleaning up is easy, fast and above all, hygienic.

It will help cut equipment maintenance costs, increase uptime, increase throughput, and safeguard product purity.

These characteristics together make PTFE a universal hose material for the food industry. No other single hose material serves so many applications or eliminates so many problems in handling and processing food safely. These well-known factors about PTFE hoses have earned it the approval of the Food and Drug Administration.