Processing beverages means many different process steps, including but not limited to chopping, fermentation, pasteurization, mixing, heating, cooling, filtration, extraction, clarification and bottling. PTFE is widely used in the manufacturing of beer, wine, fruit juices, dairy products, spirits, water and many other drinks. PTFE hoses transfer the process fluids from one station to another, often replacing rigid pipework to allow relative movements between the stations to be taken up to avoid cracking.

PTFE is chemically inert, the hose will not affect the fluid conveyed in any way, even over the full range of its operating temperature -60⁰C to +260⁰C. It will not impart any colour, flavour or odour to the beverage. PTFE resists the lowest and highest pH easily. It does not absorb or remove ingredients, not even moisture. Additionally, it is not affected in time by even the most aggressive alkaline and acidic cleaning agents (CIP, COP) or steam sterilization (SIP) regimes.

PTFE is non sticky, has an ultra-low coefficient of friction; this means no residues or inorganic deposits will be build up. This leads to easy cleaning, lower maintenance costs, and an increase in uptime and throughput along with the integrity of product purity.

PTFE is available with FDA Approved Carbon to dissipate any potential static charges for added safety.